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Helping Consumer Electronics retailers to protect their margins

With the technology-led shift in consumer buying behavior, the Consumer Electronics (CE) market is a challenging space for retailers. Established retailers are feeling the pressure of greater competition from disruptive, pure play start-ups. Additionally, the high cost of today’s CE devices makes it more important than ever to protect the bottom line by reducing shrinkage and discovering ways to improve margins. Callcredit has extensive expertise and experience in the retail sector and a track record in helping individual retailers reduce risk.

In the U.S. the Callcredit team have developed and launched our CheckMEND and AssetWatch solutions that are designed specifically for those working in the Consumer Electronics space. When deployed, these innovative solutions will help to:

  • Protect inventory from employee theft
  • Identify weaknesses in the supply chain –reduce shrinkage
  • Verify that trade-in devices have not been reported as lost or stolen
  • Deter criminals 
  • Provide buyer and seller confidence that devices sold in a third-party marketplace have not been reported as lost or stolen

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