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Helping insurers to on-board & service customers and to combat fraud

Callcredit has worked in the Insurance sector since our inception in 2000. We’ve built software solutions and datasets to help insurers in their approach to identifying and preventing fraud, optimizing their risk strategies and discovering new business opportunities at various points in the customer lifecycle… acquisition, renewal, expansion or cancellation.

In the U.S., we have several important solutions available for the insurance sector. During the on-boarding or acquisition process, we can significantly reduce the time it takes to process an application, upload required documentation, validate the identity of the potential customer, and determine the appropriate pricing and offer. We can manage the communications process regarding claims and disputes between the insurer and the client and /or third parties required to resolve a claim.

In the area of mobile device insurance, we offer industry leading data solutions to give companies the visibility to effectively tackle insurance fraud from the early stages of underwriting, investigate new claims, and facilitate post-claim monitoring. Our suite of tools, ClaimsCheck CheckMEND and AssetWatch, leverage the power of Recipero's unique crime reduction ecosystem that allows us to track a device in real-time and understand it’s history.

We currently provide several critical intelligence solutions to over 30 leading device insurance companies, globally.

Our Recipero solutions can help insurers:

  • Verify the make/model of the device
  • Check if the device has been reported as lost or stolen
  • Check if the device is marked as lost/black-listed by telecom operators
  • Check if the device already has an open insurance claim
  • Verify if the returned device is of lesser value

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