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Enhance your asset management to discover fraudulent activity or device theft

Mobile phones and other technology are notoriously difficult to secure. There is a large second-hand market for these devices so there are many opportunities for thieves, fraudsters or even employees to turn these into cash.

How does Device Management help detect fraudulent activity and theft?

AssetWatch is an independent system that uses the footprint of thousands of traders to monitor and alert you to any unauthorized trade of company assets. The tool leverages Recipero's unique Crime Reduction Ecosystem to spot activity by police, insurers, second-hand traders, pawnshops and individual consumers buying from auction and classified sites.

Through AssetWatch you’ll receive real-time alerts if your device is in someone else's hands and they are trying to sell it. Additionally, we also return a ‘red flag’ result to the trader meaning they will not accept the device so the thief will not profit from the crime.

Not only does it provide you and the police with valuable intelligence about time and place, but it also acts as a great deterrent. It’s a simple and effective solution that works because of Recipero's unique footprint of traders across the globe.


Benefits of Use

AssetWatch is proven to provide fast accurate intelligence to take action against:

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    Retail stock leakage - prevent stock leakage and persue internal theft cases through real-time stock monitoring

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    Devices sold by employees who claim ‘loss’ or ‘theft’ - detect fraudulent behavior by working with corporate asset management teams

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    Goods lost in transit - make devices that have been reported "lost" during transit visible to the police and optimize the chance of repatriation

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    Theft from warehouses and distribution centers - give warning that all devices are "visible" to police by complementing stock management with intelligence

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    Devices sold when subject to outstanding finance or contractual terms – avoid missed payments and recover assets by receiving alerts as soon as these devices are offered into second-hand markets

What information do you need to provide?

Once a day (more frequently if you can) tell us the serial numbers of items you have taken ownership of and those that you have sold or disposed of. No personal information is required at all.

Getting Started

No cost, no obligation trial periods available. Totally risk free proof of concept. For more information please contact us to discuss your business needs.


Protect your reputation and products using CheckMEND, the market leading device history check

If you regularly handle consumer electronics, such as phones, laptops, tablets, GPS devices, games consoles and other serial numbered devices, you are at risk of theft or fraud.

We have designed CheckMEND, a database that can track a devices serial number and provide you with the information you need to identify and avoid those risks for organizations including recyclers, insurers, service providers, retailers, logistics and finance companies, repair shops, warranty providers and law enforcement.

CheckMEND help you answer the following questions:

  • Could this device be in the wrong hands?
  • Am I going to be subject to fraud, or handle stolen goods?
  • Could I overpay for this device?

How does the CheckMEND database aid in monitoring device history?

CheckMEND gives you unrivalled access to the world’s most comprehensive database of loss and theft reports, insurance claims and other records affecting the legal title of devices. It checks:

  • IMEI loss and theft reports from over 95 network operators globally
  • Police crime reports from over 15,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA and the UK
  • Whether Insurers retain title to devices when they settle a claim
  • Lease purchase and network operator contracts.

If you handle large volumes in a fast-moving environment the status of a device as shown by CheckMEND can change during the period you hold it. This is especially the case if a theft isn’t quickly reported or a carrier is slow to block service on the network.

CheckMEND’s monitoring service generates a notification when the status of a device changes from “green” to “red”. This is especially valuable to recyclers, insurers and reverse logistics providers so you can:

  • Potentially recover cash paid for devices
  • Avoid time spent on refurbishment or repair of compromised devices
  • Avoid selling compromised devices on to third parties for whom they may not work

Benefits of using a tool that can track devices and validate their history

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    Avoid paying for a device that the seller may not have legal title to

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    Don’t be a target for thieves and criminals intent on defrauding your business

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    Unique pro-active alerts if the device status changes after a check

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    Unique certificates for verifiable, counterfeit-proof evidence of check results

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    Simple to use applications that support bulk checks

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    Easy API integration with websites, point of sale, logistics, claims management and other back-office systems

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    Safe and secure data. Our internationally recognized security accreditations, police systems integration and widespread use by government and law enforcement are unique in this market

Low volume traders, try now without a commitment at:

National Mobile Property Register (NMPR)

The National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) is an online real-time search that uses cutting-edge technology to allow law enforcement agencies to access Recipero’s numerous device history and movement databases.

In the US the NMPR is augmented with crime reports from over 18,000 US law enforcement agencies and data from millions of transactions relating to the trade-in, recycling and resale of second-hand devices.

Police officers and staff perform thousands of checks each day providing valuable intelligence to help identify crimes and to support arrests and prosecutions.

The NMPR enables law enforcement agencies to:

  • Achieve real-time access to thousands of crime reports on the FBI NCIC file
  • View records of due diligence checks from the CheckMEND service
  • See transaction reports submitted by pawn and second-hand traders
  • Search Immobilize America's largest database of public property ownership records

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