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Customer Experience, Fraud & Decisioning Solutions

Callcredit Cosmos easily integrates all of your customer touch points, streamlines the customer journey, and improves decision-making across the customer experience.

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive is specifically designed to incorporate all communication channels into a single view of customer contact and activity. As a result, organizations can more effectively and consistently manage large volumes of customer interactions and improve the customer experience. This enables businesses to be truly customer-centric while supporting both business objectives and regulatory compliance, and reducing operating costs.

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive helps organizations:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Transform the customer service experience for employees and customers alike
  • Streamline customer interaction processes
  • Support regulatory compliance

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive can be deployed as a single solution or in combination with Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning for a more comprehensive approach to delivering a consistent, efficient customer experience.

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Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning

Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning enables automated, real-time, rules-based decisions. It provides the control and flexibility organizations need to make the consistent, efficient, and compliant customer decisions required to grow market share, improve customer satisfaction, and protect against fraud and risk.

Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning provides, consistent, automated business decisions, which reduces costs, improves the customer experience, and supports regulatory compliance. Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning easily integrates data from multiple sources, including legacy systems, credit bureaus, Callcredit fraud and identity solutions, and alternative data providers, to support your decision-making needs across the customer lifecycle.

Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning can be delivered as a stand-alone decision engine or fully integrated with Callcredit Cosmos Interactive to create a powerful and sophisticated customer experience and decisioning solution.

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