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Callcredit enables Financial Services companies with automated decisioning and a seamless customer experience

Financial Services companies must deliver revenue and market share growth while managing financial, credit, and compliance risk. Credit unions, regional, and community banks also need to differentiate their offerings from Fin Tech and national brands. One important way that financial services companies can thrive is by winning with the newest generation of consumers, and that takes an integrated, digital approach to sales and service.

Callcredit helps regional banks and credit unions make better, more consistent decisions throughout the customer journey. By improving customer satisfaction and retention, you can set your company apart from the competition. With Callcredit, you’ll be able to ensure customers receive consistent experiences across all engagement channels and automate customer-facing processes, from customer acquisition through collections, to improve response-times, reduce operating costs, and support regulatory compliance.

Callcredit DecisionCX solutions help you:

  • Modernize and enhance the customer journey by providing a consistent experience across digital channels
  • Improve the speed and effectiveness of lending and other customer lifecycle decisions
  • Integrate digital channels that improve operational efficiency while leveraging legacy system investments

Helping insurers on-board & service customers and combat fraud

Callcredit helps insurers identify and prevent fraud, optimize risk strategies, and improve the customer experience from acquisition through renewal, expansion, or cancellation.

During the acquisition and on-boarding process, we can help you significantly reduce the time it takes to process an application, upload required documentation, validate the identity of the potential customer, and determine the appropriate pricing and offer. We can also help you better manage the communications process regarding claims and disputes between the insurer and the customer and/or third parties required to resolve a claim.

In the area of mobile device insurance, we offer industry leading data solutions to give companies the visibility to effectively tackle insurance fraud from the early stages of underwriting, investigate new claims, and facilitate post-claim monitoring. Our device monitoring products, CheckMEND and AssetWatch, leverage the power of Recipero's unique crime reduction ecosystem that allows us to track a device in real-time and understand its history.

We currently provide several critical intelligence solutions to over 30 leading device insurance companies, globally.

Recipero solutions help you:

  • Verify the make/model of the device
  • Check if the device has been reported as lost or stolen
  • Check if the device is marked as lost/black-listed by telecom operators
  • Check if the device already has an open insurance claim
  • Verify if the returned device is of lesser value

Helping the education sector deliver better parent-institution relationships

Improving communication between school and parents

The DecisionCX Interactive solution has been designed for the education sector to help keep schools compliant with federal IDEA regulations while promoting increased and improved parent-teacher partnerships and engagement. DecisionCX is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use communication tool that tracks all communications between the school, the parents and other agencies involved in the provision of services to the student.

The system is accessible from any device, at any time, and gives a complete record of all your interactions with parents - an essential record should an institution be required to demonstrate compliance with local, state, or federal regulations.


Helping Consumer Electronics retailers to protect their margins

With the technology-led shift in consumer buying behavior, the Consumer Electronics (CE) market is a challenging space for retailers. Established retailers are feeling the pressure of greater competition from disruptive, pure play start-ups. Additionally, the high cost of today’s CE devices makes it more important than ever to protect the bottom line by reducing shrinkage and discovering ways to improve margins. Callcredit has extensive expertise and experience in the retail sector and a track record in helping individual retailers reduce risk.

In the U.S. the Callcredit team have developed and launched our CheckMEND and AssetWatch solutions that are designed specifically for those working in the Consumer Electronics space. When deployed, these innovative solutions will help to:

  • Protect inventory from employee theft
  • Identify weaknesses in the supply chain –reduce shrinkage
  • Verify that trade-in devices have not been reported as lost or stolen
  • Deter criminals
  • Provide buyer and seller confidence that devices sold in a third-party marketplace have not been reported as lost or stolen

Helping telecoms companies protect their assets

The telecom industry continues to evolve at a lightning pace. With smartphone prices exceeding $800, the risk of theft, loss, or fraud is greater than ever. To manage that risk and protect your protect your bottom line it’s essential to protect your assets with our tools, CheckMEND and AssetWatch, that allow you track your products and validate their history.

We can help telecom carriers:

  • Protect your inventory from employee theft
  • Identify weaknesses in your supply chain where inventory goes missing
  • Verify that trade-in devices have not been reported as lost or stolen
  • Provide notification if a customer attempts to sell a device that you have financed or leased
  • Deter criminals from stealing or committing fraud

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