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Customer Acquisition

Streamlining new customer acquisition and on-boarding

Cost-effectively acquiring profitable new customers is a key to success for any company. Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. Companies are reinventing the customer acquisition experience—to be faster, easier, and more personalized. Yet you must still diligently manage risk, control costs, and meet dynamic regulatory compliance requirements.

Callcredit DecisionCX improves customer acquisition in three main ways:

  1. Integrates every customer touch point and provides service representatives with the context of any customer communication.
  2. Applies decision and workflow automation to streamline and remove manual intervention from the origination process.
  3. Connects with the internal and external data sources required to make profitable new customer acquisition decision.

With Callcredit, you can deliver a streamlined, customer-friendly acquisition process to set you apart from the competition, while expertly managing risk and compliance.

Decision Areas
Decision Areas

Customer Experience Management

Optimizing digital channels and transforming customer-facing processes

Removing friction from the customer journey is critical for any services company. Consumers have lots of choices and enabling customers to conduct business conveniently is paramount. This means that every touch point in the buying cycle and ongoing relationship must streamlined, consistent, and personalized.

When a customer contacts an agent, that agent needs to know the context of their question or request, their desired outcome, and have the capability to provide them with the correct information in the shortest possible time. DecisionCX Interactive integrates external data, legacy systems, and CRM systems to provide contact center agents with all the knowledge they need to deliver a best-in-class customer service experience across all channels consistently.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to enrich the relationship

During the course of a customer relationship, you interact with customers and make decisions related to a variety of topics, such as cross-selling other products or increasing a customer’s credit limit. Each interaction provides an opportunity to nurture that relationship, which leads to customer satisfaction and retention.

By streamlining customer-facing and back-office decision processes, it is faster and more convenient for customers to work with you. By removing friction from the customer journey and servicing customers through the channels they prefer you become the service provider of choice. With Callcredit, you can meet these expectations while keeping operating costs low.

Decision Areas
Decision Areas

Risk Management and Collections

Make fast, consistent decisions with a broad view of a customer’s history and activity

As important as it is for you to cost-effectively acquire and manage customer relationships, it is equally important to manage risk and effectively collect on delinquent or high-risk balances. The same decisioning technology used to make acquisition and onboarding decisions can help make risk management and collections decisions too. Easily integrating external data and legacy systems enable you to make fast, consistent decisions in the context of the customer’s history and activity.

Callcredit helps you keep your customers at the center of any risk management of collections decision. Integrated, interactive communications including SMS, automated voice response campaigns, mobile direct, and web chat offer customers a flexible means of making payments or promises to pay through low-cost, highly effective channels.

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