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TransUnion completes Callcredit acquisition

We’re pleased to confirm that TransUnion, a leading global risk and information solutions provider, has completed its acquisition of Callcredit.

Callcredit Information Group is growing internationally and in June 2018 became part of TransUnion.

In the Americas, Callcredit solutions improve the customer experience across all engagement channels and automate customer-facing decisions across the lifecycle from new customer acquisition through customer management, cross-sell, and collections. Our Recipero products offer the most comprehensive device tracking data for the wireless ecosystem.

Four Keys To Success

There are four keys to success for companies in the financial services, insurance, communications, or retail markets:

New Customers

Cost-effectively acquire profitable new customers

Customer Experience

Provide a superior customer experience to grow and retain high quality relationships

Expertly Manage

Expertly manage financial, fraud, and compliance risks

Market Changes

Adapt quickly to market changes, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations

Callcredit helps you thrive in all of these areas.

Customer Experience & Decisioning

Callcredit DecisionCX enables you to:

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    Automate and streamline customer-facing and back-office processes from customer acquisition through collections

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    Improve the customer experience by integrating across all points of customer engagement

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    Reduce operating costs

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    Achieve deeper customer engagement with a single customer view

Device Tracking

  • Device Intelligence

    Recipero provides intelligence driven by the lifecycle tracking of mobile devices.

Recipero offers extensive device tracking data driven by our partnerships with mobile operators, national retailers, law enforcement organizations, insurance companies, and refurbishment providers.

This data is used for asset protection, fraud prevention, shrinkage reduction, customer retention, and insurance claims management.

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TransUnion completes Callcredit acquisition

We’re pleased to confirm that TransUnion, a leading global risk and information solutions provider, today completed its acquisition of Callcredit. This is great news for the clients and consumers we serve, as TransUnion and Callcredit…

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Southeast CU Conference & Expo
JW Marriott Orlando Grande LakesOrlando, Florida
June 6-8, 2018
The Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo is one of the largest credit union conferences in the country. The JW Marriott provides the perfect backdrop.

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